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Welcome To My Home Page
Here will be my site for all Dragon Con related things past and present. My old home page image was me in the catsuit, but after meeting Voltaire my picture with him at con is going to be the front page image for probably...... EVER. Unless by some miracle of god I meet Tim Burton, who is the only goth I adore more than Voltaire.
Site Updates
July 3, 2003: Rebecca catsuit costume pictures added.

September 2, 2003: Rebecca catsuit costume pictures temporarily deleted to make room for official Dragon Con 2003 pictures. Dragon Con pictures added to Photo Pages 1 and 2.

September 3, 2003: Signed headshots of celebs and Chi-Chian RPG Flyer added to Photo Page 3. More to come!
September 6, 2003: Guestbook fixed! Sorry I didn't realize it wasn't working. The final set of 2003 pictures should be up tomorrow.
September 17, 2003: Big last set of 2003 images up now. I haven't put descriptions on any of them yet, but I will tomorrow. I have a few more random images of me and other people I know from other D*Con sites that'll probably get added tomorrow too. I'm trying a new size on this set of images, let me know what you think! If anyone wants the full size of a particular image just e-mail me at and I'll send it to you.

I decided to add a close-up of the infamous tie. Is it not nifty? (Yes, I know that's from sluggy freelance, I'm trying to be funny here. Work with me people.)

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Look at all the people who've been here!

My Other Site
Here is my personal website, which also has a link to this site, which is dedicated to Dragon Con photos past/present/and definitely future. My personal site is all about me and what's going on with me etc. Please also check out my journal (there's a link to it) and sign the guestbook there! (The link to it on this site is broken and I'm not sure why so please just copy and paste to your browser)